lemon black sesame fudge

Fudge. Why is this in a jar? Because I don’t bother with spreading it out in a pan and cutting it into nice little squares like a normal person. I just keep it in the fridge or freezer and dig into it with a spoon, bite by bite, day after day, until it’s gone. And then I make it again.

I previously shared two versions of the basic fudge recipe: Salted Dark Peppermint Fudge and Salted Fudge with Cream Cheese Swirl.

I go with peppermint nine times out of 10 when making fudge because peppermint treats my taste buds in all the right ways, but I went with lemon this time. It’s summer and super hot out right now, and lemon called out to me as I was scanning the flavor/extract bottles in my fridge. It was every bit as good and summerlicious as I thought it would be, and I have a new favorite fudge flavor now!

For this one, I went heavier on the black sesame and lighter on the cocoa because lemon and black sesame go together so unexpectedly well.

Lemon Black Sesame Fudge
By: Mia Cee || Resting Hungry Face

1 cup black tahini or Chinese black sesame paste (250 grams)
1/4 cup coconut oil, melted
1/4 cup cacao or cocoa powder
1.5 tablespoons maple syrup or honey, more to taste
1 tablespoon flavoring/extract of your choice (I have used Frontier Natural Products Organic Lemon Flavor and Badia Lemon Extract)
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
sprinkling of sea salt
lemon zest for garnish, optional
1 packet of True Lemon, optional but highly recommended

1. Mix the tahini or paste with the coconut oil until smooth. If you need to, heat it up a little bit to help the process along.
2. Add the cacao or cocoa powder, maple syrup/honey, vanilla, lemon flavor and salt. Mix until well incorporated. Taste and adjust with lemon flavor, salt or honey to taste. If using, stir in the True Lemon for lovely pops of tart lemoniness.
3. Pour mixture into tray and freeze for one hour or refrigerate for a couple of hours until solid.

** Keep this fudge in the fridge or freezer.
** For lazy non-sharers like me who want less cleanup, mix the tahini and oil in a glass jar and then simply add everything else into the jar.
** The coconut oil is what solidifies the fudge. You can omit it if you want, but you’ll get more sludge than fudge (which I don’t mind — less force needed to dig a frozen spoonful out of the jar lol)
** You can substitute carob powder for the cacao. Taste before adding sweetener — you may find you’re OK without it since carob is sweeter than cacao.
** Want a stronger black sesame flavor? Halve the cacao powder and coconut oil and omit the vanilla.

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