a meal to remember

Given a choice between multi-course meals at a fancy restaurant and comfort food at some hole in the wall, I’ll always pick the latter. This meal, though, was so good I have to post a recap:

Course 1: Individual bread baskets with butter, including cheese-stuffed black sesame bun

Course 2: Scallop and abalone with beer foam, dressed in lemon juice, ginger juice and abalone juice

Course 3: Bamboo and 48-month Iberico ham, dressed in lemon juice and olive oil

Course 4: Chicken broth stewed with porcini mushrooms and jujubes, served with a chicken dumpling

Course 5: Grouper in broth

Intermezzo: lime sorbet, served with kelp-infused dry ice

Course 7: Rare Australian rib-eye with mashed potato, caramelized brussels sprout, baby corn, daylily root, quinoa, snap pea, cherry tomato and sea salt

Intermezzo: Vinegar

Course 8: Dessert platter: Plum-infused candied tomato, jujube cake, black sesame cheesecake, white chocolate popped rice and edible chrysanthemum

Course 9: Chocolate souffle with vanilla bean ice cream and one blueberry

Coffee and chocolate cookie

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